Minor Ailment Service

‘Feel Better Fast’ is Manchester’s walk-in minor ailment scheme that offers quick, confidential diagnosis and treatment
for the following conditions:

•athlete’s foot
•haemorrhoids (piles)
•hay fever
•head lice
•oral thrush in babies
•vaginal thrush

The service operates in partnership with your GP practice so that registered patients can get advice and any medicines they need from a local community pharmacy without the need for an appointment with your GP. Normal prescription charges apply, but if you usually get your prescriptions free you won’t have to pay for medicines prescribed though the Feel Better Fast scheme.

Consultations are always free and confidential, regardless of whether the pharmacist gives you any medication. Ask at your local pharmacy or GP practice if you want to start using this service.

Go to our pharmacy services page and filter by ‘Minor Ailments Service’ to see a list of the pharmacies that offer the Feel Better Fast service.