Self Care

Self-care is the best choice to treat minor illnesses and injuries. A large range of common illnesses and injuries can be treated at home simply with over-the-counter medicines and plenty of rest.

The pages in this section have lots more information on which illnesses and injuries can be safely managed at home, how to do it and what signs to look out for that tell you it’s time to get help from NHS services in your area or at hospital in an emergency.

Follow the links to find the self-care information you need. Winter conditions can be seriously bad for our health, especially for people aged 65 or over, and people with long-term conditions. We want to help protect you and those you care for. Click here to stay well this winter.

We have developed 6 videos with local GPs and nurses to give you advice and support about what to do if you are feeling unwell. The videos are available in English, Urdu, Arabic, Bengali and Punjabi, and now also in British Sign Language (BSL)