Seeing A Dentist


If you have toothache or need to see a dentist and you live in Manchester, you can contact the Manchester dental helpline.This is a service that manages urgent appointments at lots of dental practices across the city. Just tell them what the problem is and where you are and they can arrange an emergency appointment with a dentist near you.

Manchester Dental Helpline

The helpline provides the following services to the residents of Manchester:

  1. Arranging emergency appointments for patients in need of urgent care, usually on the same day, close to home at more than 30 dental practices across the city
  2. Support to NHS Manchester residents looking to access local NHS dental services
  3. Advice and support with dental related queries
  4. Signposting and referral to other services

In-hours Helpline number (0161 476 9649) 8am-6pm Monday to Friday.

Out-of-hours number (0161 337 2246)

6pm-10pm Monday to Friday. 10am-10pm Weekends and Bank Holidays. Outside these times please call NHS 111 If you live outside Manchester, you can find your nearest dentist by using the ‘find your nearest…’ option on this site; by visiting NHS choices at

People no longer have to register with an NHS dentist – dentists provide a ‘course of treatment’ to NHS patients. At the end of your course of treatment, your dentist will recommend when you next need a dental check up.


Depending on what you need to have done, you should only ever be asked to pay one charge for each complete course of treatment, even if you need to visit your dentist more than once to finish it. You will not be charged for individual items within the course of treatment.

There are three ‘bands’ of charges for all NHS dental treatments:

  • Band 1 course of treatment – £21.60

    Covers an examination, diagnosis and advice. If necessary, it also includes  X-rays, a scale and polish, and planning for further treatment.
  • Band 2 course of treatment – £59.10

    Covers all treatment included in Band 1, plus additional treatment, such as fillings,  root canal treatment and removing teeth (extractions).
  • Band 3 course of treatment – £256.50

    Covers all treatment included in Bands 1 and 2, plus more complex procedures, such as crowns, dentures and
    If you require urgent care, you will pay a Band 1 charge of £21.60.

You do not have to pay for NHS dental treatment if, when the treatment starts, you are:

  • Aged under 18
  • Under 19 and receiving full-time education
  • Pregnant or have had a baby in the previous 12 months
  • Staying in an NHS hospital and your treatment is carried out by the hospital dentist
  • An NHS hospital dental service outpatient (however, you may have to pay for your dentures or bridges)

You also do not have to pay if, when the treatment starts, you are receiving:

  • Income Support
  • Income-related Employment and Support Allowance
  • Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance
  • Pension Credit guarantee credit


  • You are named on a valid NHS tax credit exemption certificate or you are entitled to an NHS tax credit exemption certificate
  • You are named on a valid HC2 certificate

Some content adapted from NHS Choices: